Machines, Tools & Misc Seeking Help with for STEM Programs


We have a challenge and need your help.
Help us give local students a hand up in STEM Education and open opportunity for future careers that will directly affect our community and economy for years to come.

We are currently looking for the following items (new or used) by way of donation. Applied Dynamics Initiative is a nonprofit 501C3 organization so gifts are tax deductible. If you or know anyone (individual/company) that would like to help. Email: Russ McCabe or call (505) 225-8520 and leave a message. We’ll call you back a.s.a.p.

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Tabletop CNC Milling Machine

Shapeoko CNC Router XXL w/ Sweepy 65mm Router – $2500

This is the Shapeoko you’ve been waiting for.  The XL is double the cutting area of the Shapeoko Standard, and the XXL has four times the cutting area for your biggest projects.

You’ll get:

  • Shapeoko CNC Router
  • Carbide Motion control software
  • Carbide Create 2D CAD/CAM software
  • Assembly tools
  • 1 – #201 .25″ Flat Endmill
  • Sweepy Dust Boot

Recent Upgrades:

  • Shapeokos now ship with our HD eccentric nuts
  • Extrusions now machined to length in-house to be as square as possible
  • Shapeokos now include our Sweepy Dust Boot
  • All machines include our Z-Plus

Specifications (Standard):

  • Cutting Area: 16″(X), 16″(Y), 3″(Z)
  • Footprint: 28.4″ (X), 23.9″ (Y), 18.6″ (Z)
  • Weight: 71 lbs

Specifications (XL):

  • Cutting Area: 32″(X) x 16″(Y) x 3″(Z)
  • Footprint: 44.8″ (X), 23.9″ (Y), 18.6″ (Z)
  • Weight: 100 lbs

Specifications (XXL):

  • Cutting Area: 32″(X) x 33″(Y) x 3″(Z)
  • Footprint: 44.8″ (X), 40.3″ (Y), 18.6″ (Z)
  • Weight: 150 lbs