Applied Dynamics Initiative (ADI) a 501C3 nonprofit organization providing S.T.E2.A.M. education

Our mission is “To spark an interest and nurture a passion in students for participation in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Arts & Mathematics.” via educational classes and extracurricular activities.

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We are working hard to offer STEM Education, after school & extracurricular programs including our expanded acronym of STE2AM which includes Arts and Entrepreneurship where they relate to technology. We have a heavy focus on robotics and especially the FIRST Inspires Robotics programs.

Applied Dynamics Initiative is involved in helping the New Mexico Region of FIRST™ Tech Challenge by providing website development at as well as being a strong advocate and lobbyist for robotics programs to be included in our schools athletics.

As part of our initiative we’ve been included as a forth partner in the Teen Tech Center pilot project that will be hosted at Explora starting in Sept 2019. This pilot was a large success and translated into a Teen Tech Center that is currently located on the school grounds of Monzano Highschool. Unfortunately the corona virus has halted that program temporarily but we expect it to get back underway as soon as this virus is behind us.

We finally opened our STEM/STEAM Education center and Robot Lab located at 6001 Winter Haven Rd. NW Suite F at NE corner of Coors and Montano on the Westside of Albuquerque. This continues to be a temporary space and we will continue looking for a more permanent option centrally located in town as we have students from all over the city interested in what we’re doing. We also due to the corona virus have limited our gathering to 5 people at a time so progress on anything new has been very slow. We can’t wait to ramp up our efforts once this virus is behind us.

Right now we are working on fundraising, but it’s really difficult right now due to the pandemic so we really need your help.

There are a few things we need, hopefully by way of donation, if you know of anyone that may have or you have any of following items you’d like to get rid of:

1. Large Window Blinds
2. Curtain Material / Curtains
3. Paint (sand, tan or beige color)
4. Tiles for a hanging ceiling
5. Cash donations (taken here by credit card or on our Facebook page)

We can give a receipt for taxes purposes.

Thanks in advance for any help and supporting our mission helping students find a passion for STEM/STEAM.


FIRST™ Tech Challenge (FTC) Robotics Team ENIGMA 16265

FIRST™ Lego League (FLL) Robotics Team CODE RED (currently on hold)


Web Development Workshops



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